How To Conceive Twins What You Need To Know


Conceiving twins has been mostly linked to genetics and heredity. Unless twin conception flows into the family blood history, the chances of you having twins has been known to be too slim.

However,there are ways that can enhance the chances and even move it from possible to probable if clearly followed. These ways are natural and more safer than the artificial medical methods and therefore the former is recommended, lest what you wish for causes you more harm than to conceive twins


Before looking at the ways to help you out, let’s first understand the concept behind conceiving twins.Conceiving twins occurs when two births occur in a single pregnancy resulting into either one of the two type of twins- The identical or the fraternal twins. Whereas fraternal twin conception will occur when development occurs in two separate eggs,identical twins on the other hand will be caused by the fertilized egg splitting into two. This makes identical twins a random fluke and its chances close to zero, but with the fraternal twin conception the probable curve is raised to zenith. Now lets focus on these natural ways to help you conceive twins.

Taking folic acid supplements or multivitamin with folic acid before getting pregnant will enhance your chances of ever giving birth to twins. This raises the probability of giving birth to twins up to 40% as per an Australian study. This comes handy as folic acid also corrects some defect in the neural tube making it a double utility supplement.

Getting slightly overweight will enhance your chances of twin conception. This was researched and found to be true by a march 2005 study of Obstetrics & Gynecology in America. Women with a pre-pregnancy body mass index (BMI) of more than 30,are more probable to conceive twins than those with less than 30 BMI. This is triggered by the increased estrogen levels that supports the follicular development of two or more ova. When more than one of these ova are developed, the chances two ova being released for fertilization are increased.

Getting pregnant while you are breastfeeding has been studied and found that it increases the chances of giving birth to twins up to nine times than when you are not breastfeeding. Holding off breast milk from the baby to get pregnant is not an ideal idea for a mother that wants to conceive twin.

As per the research carried out by Gary Stainman, a physician who has been credited at being an advent in the field of birth pregnancy,a woman that feeds on dairy is five times more apt to conceive twins than a vegan woman. Consuming the milk from a cow treated with growth hormones is the most recommended for this task.

Conceiving when you are a bit older will increase the probability of conceiving twins to close to one. As women age they start producing higher levels of follicle stimulating hormones (FSH) that speeds up the maturing of the eggs in the ovaries.This triggers the ovaries to be over-stimulated and release two or more eggs to be fertilized hence the giving birth of twins.

When you conceive after the usage of birth control pills- when the body is trying to regulate its hormone production again,there is an increased the chances of twin conception. The body may not be in a position to get the hormones working properly and this might trigger ovaries to get more stimulation from the hormones and release more eggs. The body may require two or more cycles to fully regulate these stimulation and getting pregnant at this stage can enhance your chances greatly.

These are some of the natural ways that can bring your hope back of ever conceiving twins. Stick to them and wait for a positive result.

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5 thoughts on “How To Conceive Twins What You Need To Know

  1. Ehigiator Joy says:

    You talked about ”Taking folic acid supplements or multivitamin with folic acid before getting pregnant will enhance your chances of ever giving birth to twins” please is it on regular bases.

    • Hi Ehigiator Joy, research says taking folic acid on a daily basis to improve chances of having twins, BUT…you can take too much which is not good, every girls body is different so it’s best to talk to your local doctor about how much to consume, hope that helps and good luck…

  2. I’m 40 years I realy want to concieve twins.

  3. Nokuthula says:

    My husband’s dream is for us to have twins he really adores twins. I have learned a lot on how to conceive twins, i’m on it. Thank u very much.My mom’s family has a history of twins just like you said .

    • Nokuthula, thank you for the great comment, glad you learned what you wanted, good luck.

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